Wife Attacks Sex Worker Caught with Husband in Phuket Massage Parlor | Viral Video

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A video has surfaced of an enraged wife attacking a naked sex worker caught in the act with her husband in Phuket, Thailand.

The wife allegedly found pictures of the duo on her husband’s phone and trailed him to a massage parlor on January 25. Although her husband was nowhere to be found, she stumbled upon the petite prostitute and proceeded to rip off the girl’s towel, exposing her body, and assault her with kicks and slaps for over five minutes.

The woman was filmed grappling with the sex worker, pulling her hair, and standing on top of her as she tried to snatch her phone. Throughout the altercation, the sex worker repeatedly apologized and begged for forgiveness, claiming she didn’t know the man was married and promising to end the affair.

The massage parlor where the incident occurred was filled with sex toys, mirrors, sex chairs, and used tissues. According to reports, clients paid around 2,000 Baht (approximately $65) for an hour of sexual services with one of the girls.

Authorities are now investigating the alleged assault on the popular holiday island known for its beautiful beaches and raunchy nightlife. Colonel Sarawut Chuprasit of the Mueang Phuket Provincial Police Station confirmed that officers are probing the incident and searching for the location where it took place.

The Colonel encourages the victim to report the attack to the police if she hasn’t already.

Lawyer Anantarak Pathin revealed that he received details about the attack and confirmed that it occurred in a brothel in Phuket where the younger woman was caught having an affair with the attacker’s husband.

Pathin condemned the assault as a criminal offense and called for the victim to report it to the authorities. He emphasized the severity of the attack and the fact that several people were present in the room and witnessed the violent assault, stating that the matter should be thoroughly investigated.

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