What An Amusing Gift For A Newly Wed Couple | Viral Video


A video posted on Instagram on by a user named official_niranjanm87, is going crazy and being shared-liked by many people.

Actually video contains a wedding ceremony in which the newly wed couples are receiving gifts from the guest and friends.

One such gift given by some of their friend was a couple gift which is a gift in a set of two.

When they open their gifts the bride broke into laughter and was very amused to see the gift, similarly the groom also found it to be very funny.

So what is the gift – Actually there were two board with a short message on each of them.

The board for the groom read – “GAME OVER”, signifying the future married life for a boy in Indian culture. He amusingly accepts it.

The board for the bride read – “GAME START”, signifying the brides upcoming domination in their married life in a funny way.

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