This Boy Tried To Drink Coke Using 600 Feet Long Straw | Gone Viral

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Everyone has drank something with a straw at least once in our lives. In modern life all the fancy restaurant and eatery serve their drinks with straws. Drinking with straws can be seen in road side vendors like ‘Nariyal Pani Wala’ and ‘Nimbu Pani Wala’.

But what if some tells you that you have to drink something with a 6oo feet long straw. There is a video uploaded by a boy on YouTube on the channel “Crazy XYZ” in which he tries to drink a bucket of coke of about 12 liters using a straw which is 600 feet long.

This video was released with a title “Longest Straw Ever VS Coca Cola | क्या मैं 600 फ़ीट दूर से कोका कोला पी पाउँगा ? Thara Bhai Amit”, in which he also take a jibe at Joginder Yadav who is currently trending among social platform for his humorous video’s which are being shared and recreated by lot people on interent.