These Are The Top 10 Rare Unknown Facts About ₹ 2000 Note | Did You Know That?

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₹2000 note was introduced by RBI – Reserve Bank Of India on 8 Nov, 2016 after the demonetization of ₹ 500, ₹ 1000 notes in India. They are in used from 10 Nov, 2016 till dates in whole nation, and is based on the Mahatma Gandhi Notes series

List of 10 rare facts 2000 Note

  1. Size of the ₹ 2000 Note

    The size of the note is the largest amongst current and previous notes currency notes in India. Which is 66mm x 166mm.

  2. Mangalyaan

    This notes portrays Mangalyaan, which was a mission of placing a probe in Mars orbit launched on 5 November 2013. This may not seem huge deal but giving place to scientific achievement that too of from space, truly showed the approach of the government and policy makers in the country.

  3. It glows under UV light

    It was the first currency note which glow under UV light for many parts of the note. The previous currencies were only observable by their security wire under UV light. So we can say 2000 Note is truly the currency note of modern India. Glowing note features are commonly used in advanced countries like Canada, Australia, USA.

  4. Color Changing Ink

    There are many parts in the notes which change color in respect to the viewers perspective. This is designed as one of the many salient features of the note.

  5. Micro Lettering

    There are patterns in the note which looks like some random pattern to normal eyes but they are actually micro letters, which can be observed through lens only

  6. See Through Register And Latent Image

    On holding the note against the light the whitish pattern on left side on note actually spell as 2000. Same can be seen to the rectangle box below the note, which at first looks no important. But if you turn the note it will turn in to 2000.

  7. 3 Different Water Marks

    2000 note has total of 3 different water marks. (1) Mahatma Gandhi mirror image from the center, (2) numerical 2000 is vertically to the right of the portrait, (3) 2K on the left side.

  8. 7 Angular Lines On Both Side

    There are 7 angular lines on the both sides of the note, which is unique id for a 2000 note assigned by RBI, for a visually impaired person along with other parts elevated from the surface.

  9. Paper From Italy, Germany And London

    The paper note on which the printing was done came from Italy, Germany and London.

  10. Printed In Mysuru

    The printing facility at Bharatiya Reserve Bank Note Mudran Private Ltd. (BRBNMPL) in Mysuru under Reserve Bank of India was set up for initial printing of these notes with the De La Rue Giori, now KBA Giori, Switzerland. So first 2000 note was printed in Mysoor facility in history.