Russian To ROC, Russian Athletes Competing Under The Name ROC In Tokyo. Why?

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On 7th August 2021, ROC is maintaining the 4th position in medal tally in Tokyo Olympic 2020, trailing after China, USA and Japan. But lesser people know about the actuality of ROC.

What is ROC?
  • Russian Olympic Committee

It’s a workaround measures so that the Russian athletes can compete in Olympic games being held in Tokyo, this is the result of an international doping scandal that shocked the sports world in 2019. For which Russia has been banned from all international sports events for 4 years by World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).

Why is Russia banned in Tokyo Olympic?

WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency, presented a report in 2019, which said the there was conclusive evidence that the State is sponsoring doping for over 1000 athletes spanning in many years, in all probability for 2 Olympics – London and Sochi.

source – East Bay Times
Beginning of Scandal.

There were accusations on Russia of running a doping programme which was so sophisticated that no agency got conclusive evidence against the state. The continuous spread of words from whistle-blowers and investigators made the international federations to stop the athletes from competing in major events.

WADA lifted the ban in 2018, on the condition that Russia would hand over athlete data from its Moscow laboratory to doping regulators, which would help identify hundreds of athletes who may have cheated across various sports.

Following which WADA found Russia guilty in manipulating the database and a state-sponsored doping program, for which WADA suggested a 4 years ban.

Russia to ROC? – Neutral Athletes

Russian Olympic Committee is an organisation that sends all the athlete to all game internationally. Since the ban only stops them playing under the flag of Russia thus about 335 Russian athletes are still competing in Tokyo Olympic 2020 only under the name of ROC.

335 athletes include the player who were not found corrupted under doping test and they could only use ‘ROC ‘, not the full name or any name which may contain “Russia” in it. These athletes are then called the neutral athletes.