Project : “The Bully Pulpit” – A Woman’s Approach To Fight Cyber Bullying Through Public Profiles


Haley Morris – Cafiero, A woman who is investigating the social phenomena of cyberbullying through the public profiles of the people who attempt to bully her. Also a message that one need to stand against cyber-bullying and find a way in “how to fight cyberbully”.

Cyberbullying is an act where someone try to bully, harm, subjugate, harass a person on a cyber platform, like computer, text, phone call. The people of who upload their personal data like images are often become the easy target of cyberbullying. This crime is present in almost call the countries and it affect all range of people.

Internet trolling is a common form of bullying that takes place in an online community (such as online gaming or social media) in order to elicit a reaction or disruption, or simply just for someone’s own personal amusement. Cyberstalking is another form of bullying or harassment that uses electronic communications to stalk a victim; this may pose a credible threat to the victim.

The people figures like actresses and model are often the most targeted victims of cyber crimes but eventually they became used to it and start ignoring it rather than reacting it.

Similar to this situation, Haley Morris is trying to come at her bullies by recreating their public profiles and letting them know even without taking their name.

In my latest photo series, The Bully Pulpit, I investigate the social phenomenon of cyberbullying through the public profiles of people who attempt to bully me. For years, people have been hiding behind their computer screens to bully others to the point where writing criticizing comments is common and celebrated. These cowards use the internet to bully those they find weaker than themselves.

I photograph myself costumed like the people who’ve attempted to bully me. Finding photos online, I recreated their images using wigs, clothing, and simple prosthetics, while small imperfections mirror the fallacy that the internet will shield their identities. Finally, I overlay the parodies with transcripts of the bullying comments, almost as if I were “subtweeting” them.

Haley Morris,

She further adds that her inspiration for this project is the mean-spirited thing written by the countless number of people in her email, twitter, Instagram, blogs, and the comment sections.

My inspiration for The Bully Pulpit was the countless numbers of people wrote mean-spirited comments about me in emails, tweets, Instagram posts, blogs and online comments sections when Wait Watchers was published online and went viral. But instead of responding individually to “deaf ears,” I realize that I can parody the bullies attempts by creating images and publishing them on the internet —the same vehicle used for their attacks—and the images would be seen by millions, and would live again, again, and again.

Haley Morris,

Project – The Bully Pulpit


– “Whats wrong with body shamin?”

src –


– “The major problem is that she’s disgusting”.

src –


src –


– Your *work* opens you up to criticism

src –


– I just don’t get why do women allow themselves to get fat, you know you’ll be treated like shit.”

src –


– “So instead of losing some weight so people aren’t appealed by her unhealthy land-white ass, she tries to change millions of years of mal evolution….

Normal people are never going to want to f*ck you, regardless of how much you complain.”

src –


– “You look like you got off the shortbus a few stops too soon.”

src –


– “Why don’t you just say no to food and try a little exercise.”

src –


– You’re fat and gross your arems make me want to puke.”

src –


– “Quit looking like a slob. No one cares that you’re a fat slob. Just that fact that you’re a slob.”

src –


– “You never heard of whale watching lady?”

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