Petrol Rates Crossing Rupees 100 Mark In More Than Half of Indian States.

The petrol price touched new high on 10 July. If you live in Delhi then the price you have to pay for 1L of petrol is ₹100.91 and if you live somewhere in Maharashtra then you have to ₹109.28 per liter of petrol as of today.

There are about sixteen states in which the petrol price crossed the ₹100 mark. And currently about 13 states which are still in 100 plus club.

The state-run oil marketing companies (OMCs) kept the fuel prices unchanged for today which is July 11, after a record hike on July 10, and there are more possibilities of it further increasing in coming days

Yesterday, July 10, there was a price hike of 36 paise and 26 paise in rates of petrol and diesel respectively.

This was a continuous hike for the 38th time since May 4.

State-wise current rate list.

NCT Of Delhi100.91 ₹/L
West Bengal101.01 ₹/L
Kerala101.32 ₹/L
Odisha101.72 ₹/L
Jammu And Kashmir101.99 ₹/L
Tamil Nadu102.16 ₹/L
Bihar103.18 ₹/L
Karnataka103.88 ₹/L
Telangana104.86 ₹/L
Maharashtra107.09 ₹/L
Rajasthan107.74 ₹/L
Madhya Pradesh109.28 ₹/L
Andhra Pradesh87.24 ₹/L
Himachal Pradesh95.85 ₹/L
Jharkhand95.94 ₹/L
Assam96.70 ₹/L
Uttarakhand97.37 ₹/L
Gujarat97.58 ₹/L
Uttar Pradesh97.91 ₹/L
Haryana98.70 ₹/L
Chhattisgarh98.92 ₹/L
Punjab99.80 ₹/L

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