People Having “The Bad Day” Of Their Life – They Didn’t See It Coming

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These people are having the worse day of their life. This article is collection of “people having bad days” through the compilation of stuff from the internet.

People try to live a happy life and try to make it happier with each passing day, but man, one can not have all the days as the happy days. You got to have some bad days in your life where you loose the control of everything which is happening around you.

These are the real people, who are just having their bad and worse day, where the thing are not just going the exactly the way they wanted

Bad day to buy a piece of technology

It frustrates you – make you wanna pull your hair

Roomba got its shit together

Very bad day to dye you hair, good day will be never for you though.

A typical bad day at work, dead ruined the conversation

When you know you deserve what you got.

Guess how I found out?

People made me do it

When putting you laptop in rice doesn’t work.

At least the pet knows now how to play

You were warned before

Atleast you are not itchy anymore

Love made me do it

I am an artist

Any more Star-wars fan

She took it literally.

Sometimes you got to put a disclaimer

Not my fault, I am new to cooking

They steal anything these days

Not to buy Galaxy Bath Bomb, learned it the hard way.

I am still processing this

Well, it looked real!

What would you rather have?

Well, Its totally organic.

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