Most Iconic Series Of All Time Friends | See How They Look Today | Then And Now

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The most iconic series of all time – Friends has millions of fans spreading world wide.

Friends made debut on September 22, 1994 and changes the face of sitcom for ever.

Friends initially was called “INSOMNIA CAFÉ (AND A BUNCH OF OTHER THINGS).” And went to multiple suggestions like – “Friends Like Us.”, “Across the Hall“, “Six of One” and finally to simply “friends”.

Friends is still relevant, It has become such a series that everyone is tend to like it, and it will always remain in the list of top shows to watch at least once of every individual, well of course if one likes cinema-tv.

Here is the THEN AND NOW pics of our favorite TV characters from season 1

1. Monica Geller – Courteney Cox

2. Ross Geller – David Schwimmer

3. Phoebe Buffay – Lisa Kudrow

4. Joey Tribianni – Matt LaBlanc

5. Rachel Green – Jennifer Aniston

6. Chandler Bing – Matthew Perry

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