Money Making In Lockdown – YouTube, Trading, Blogging And Cooking

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Since the Corona virus breakout, nothing has remained the same, and that change also includes professional profiles of thousands if not millions. But one thing is sure that it has made a common man realized that there is nothing called stability so in order to survive one has to keep evolving and adapting, whatever the hell life throws at you.

Youtube – Trading – Blogging – Cooking

Fantastic 4 of the life of majority of millennials during the world-wide covid-19 lockdowns.

1. YouTube

The story of YouTube is not new, every year thousands of people open their account on the largest video platform and try create content which can make their channel grow and earn them money. As the trend is, that those who were not able to create great content they go look for the other career options which is a common sense.

In lockdown YouTube has seen a 20.5 per cent surge in subscribers’ base in India alone, this indicates a steep increase in content consumption as the time spent by the average user to be over 4 hours per day as compared to previous 1.5 hours on social media platforms.

What about the creators – what change we see in the creators. There has been a major shift in artistic world, many artists who are in comedy, music, film making, stand-ups, sports now have a full time YouTube channel. Artist specially from the entertainment industry are doing live streams and vlogging their routine in the lockdown.

Clearly YouTube has been the first choice of every artist in this lockdown to remain relative and even earn some money during that.

2. Trading

Trading is the other area which has seen massive increase in number of subscribers. Brokerage across the spectrum reported a rapid rise in the number of clients, as more investors decided to dabble in stocks as they got more free time to follow the market.

source : CDSL

“Work-from-home has given people the bandwidth to do something that they haven’t done, and the rapid price fall gives the perception that things are available for cheap,” said Nithin Kamath, chief executive officer of Zerodha Broking Ltd., the India’s biggest online discount broker with 1.6 million clients.

3. Blogging

Blogging and writing articles is another area which saw rapid growth. Having all the time one can ask for, people started writing blogs and increase their traffic.

Content writing is one thing and an SEO optimized article is another things. The people who likes to blog but they also have other jobs, they often were the creators whos content was appreciated less, simply because they were not able to take care of the other aspects of blogging which are SEO, relevance, audience etc. This lockdown brought their work to home and gave them the extra little time that they required to make a career out of blogging.

4. Cooking

If you ask anybody, how they spend their lockdown, what did they do during the lockdown? I think cooking will the common thing in all their answers.

source : Times Of India

There would rarely a person who had not tried his/her cooking skills in lockdown.

This is astonishing that how similar the pattern of lockdown remained for every one of us. Men breaching the kitchen area and flagging up the mission-cooking. Everyone equally participating in household chores. Bringing men and women of the house at equals, for some time.


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