Is It Legal To Be Nude In Spain? Ok What?

Before saying a simple yes and no to “nude in Spain” question, lets talk about the meaning of being nude in public. The two groups of people like always and anywhere in any situation would debate that if go nude and if your country allows it then you are more liberal. To that other would argue you are objectifying the body.

It is such a question of non agreement that the Governments of various countries try to avoid these kind of issue, so just they don’t have to take any stand. If we look at the west countries we see people tend to be more nudist than any other part of the world, Why? Well some would argue that its culture. May be or may be not.

Its a long debate with no conclusion so we will try to avoid it for this article.

So this brings us back to the question.

Is it legal to be nude in Spain?

Yes, you can be nude in Spain anywhere and it is legal. The term legal is the key here. There are several countries where we can find nude beaches and stuff, but when we say legal by law it means that the place has a law in favor of that thing.

The Spain government made it legal by making a law for the entire country which permits anyone in the country to be nude anywhere in the country. This topic has been in the newspapers and TV every so often. They changed the law several years ago.

There is the very famous case of a foreigner who likes to ride his bicycle in San Sebastian in the nude, along the beach.

The problem, according to the newspapers, is that many policemen do not know the law, and may arrest a nude person in the city. The person arrested then has the hassle of explaining that there is no law against nudity in the public.

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