Employees’ Provident Funds & Miscellaneous Provisions Act, 1952 provides following benefits
to covered employees of the establishment as well as their family members with three
benefits as mentioned below

  1. Employees Provident Fund Scheme 1952 provides for provident fund in the account of member. Contributions under provident fund along with accrued interest are paid at the time of retirement to the member. Additionally scheme has also provisions for advances in case of ailment (self or family member), marriage, education, home loan etc.
  2. Employees Pension Scheme 1995 provides for pension benefits and members or their family members are provided monthly pension on completion of prescribed service or after death of the member.
  3. Employees Deposit Linked Insurance Scheme 1976 provides for insurance amount of maximum Rs. 7,00,000/- and minimum of Rs. 2,50,000/- (Subject to minimum service requirement) to the family of member on his death in service.

The death case of the Members are categorized in following ways.

  • DEATH AWAY FROM SERVICE: When the death of the member happens after leaving the service. In such cases the claimant are eligible for PF and Pension (provided death within 3 month) benefits.
  • DEATH WHILE IN SERVICE : When the death of member happens on roll, the claimants are eligible for PF , Pension and EDLI benefits. For claiming EDLI benefit the establishment has to make sure that the contribution of such member has be remitted for the period till the date of death of the member. If no contribution is received covering the date of death of the member the establishment has to provide sufficient documents to substantiate the on roll status of the member.


The eligible person/persons to claim the PF/EPS/EDLI benefit to claim must be the member of the family as defined under para 2(g) of the EPF Scheme


The definition of the family as defined under para 2(g) of The Employees’ Provident Funds Scheme, 1952 2(g) “family” means—
(i) In the case of a male Member, his wife, his children, whether married or unmarried, his dependent parents and his deceased son’s widow and children
(ii) in the case of a female Member, her husband, her children, whether married or unmarried, her dependent parents, her husband’s dependent parents and her deceased son’s widow and children.


If the Aadhar is seeded of the diseased member , composite death claim form
• Form 20 for claiming PF benefit
• Form 5(IF) for claiming EDLI benefit.
• Form 10D for claiming Pension benefit.
• For major claimants separate set of Form 20 and Form 5(IF) and Descriptive roll.


  1. Completely and duly signed claim forms.
  2. Original Death Certificate.
  3. Copy of Birth Certificate /School leaving certificate of all minor children, duly attested by establishment.
  4. Identity Document i.e. Aadhar of all claimants. (Widow and Children)
  5. Copy of deceased member’s Birth Certificate, Aadhar Card, Bank passbook/ Cancelled Cheque Containing name (As per KYC).
  6. Copy of Bank Pass book of all claimants from the same designated bank branch , duly attested by establishment. (Bank passbook of minor should be accompanied with natural / legal guardian).
  7. List of surviving member ( in case of no nomination records available) .
  8. No break / break certificate. If any break in service , mention period of break (NCP).
  9. Death while in service Certificate on Letter head of Establishment by Employer.
  10. Date of Joining / Date of Leaving (Form-5 / Form-10) filled clearly.
  11. Copy of substantiating documents in case of difference between last contribution and date of death.
  12. No previous service certificate by Widow/Widower. If any prior service , please attach proof.
  13. Reason for late submission of claim by claimant / employer.( beyond 3 years).
  14. In case of Orphan pension , the declaration legal guardian is necessary.
  15. If Child is disabled , disablement certificate to be produced in prescribed format by competent medical Officer / board.


  1. All particulars of deceased member are correctly updated on Unified Employer portal. (Name, Father’s/ Husbands name, Date of Birth, Date of Joining, Date of leaving, reason of leaving and KYC details.)
  2. Up-to date contribution till the last month has been remitted in A/c 1, 10 and 21.
  3. NCP days have been updated in case of member on leave without pay.
  4. Last 12 month wages for EDLI Claims.
  5. All documents and forms are duly attested.
  6. No EDLI Claim to be submitted of the establishment if Establishment is EDLI exempted.
  7. Eligibility of claimants (Date of death as reference date).
  8. Must check form 11 for any previous service of deceased member.