I Can’t Believe They Are Different People | They Look Awfully Same

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Hey guys, there are lot of articles on Internet comparing the features of Hollywood stars who look alike. So let me tell you in advance this is not just another look-alike comparison article, this is actually a collection of names by which I personally get confused and remained so for many years.

Yeah, I watch the movies of two different actors and had no idea that they are totally two different person. So here is list of the names that took me years to find out that they are actually not the same people.

Also these are some of my favorite stars.

The star who look so similar that it took me years only to find out that they are two.

  1. Mila Kunis – Emma Stone
  2. Richard Madden – Sebastian Stan
  3. Emma Mackey – Margot Robbie
  4. Chelsea Handler – Elizabeth Banks
  5. Jessica Chastain – Bryce Dallas Howard
  6. Mark Wahlberg – Matt Damon

1.Mila Kunis – Emma Stone

I watched TED, Friends with Benefit and Bad Moms 2 but still didn’t know that it was not Emma Stone, Its shocking that how similar they look, atleast to me that I did not know that they are two different actors.

If you think it only me or may be I have fade eyes, try to search “mila kunis movies and tv shows”, you will find that there are some movies in the list which are not hers, they show some of the movies of Emma Stone. So it is not just me then, Google is confused too, LOL!

Emma Stone – Mila Kunis

2.Richard Madden – Sebastian Stan

The day MARVEL ETERNALS trailer came on YouTube, a lot of people got confused that what “Winter Soldier” is doing in this trailer. Is he going to play dual roles in MCU. Tons of articles where published on this topic that they are two different people.

Interestingly Sebastian Stan worked in a mini series “Bodyguard”, and the funny part is that when I watched the series I thought its the “Winter Soldier”.

Check out the series “Bodyguard”.

Sebastian Stan – Richard Madden

3.Emma Mackey – Margot Robbie

Are you one of the people who thought its Margot Robbie in Netflix’s Sex Education”. Don’t worry you are not alone. There are lot of people who still think that its Margot Robbie in Sex Education.

Emma Mackey from Sex Education looks so similar to Margot Robbie that if you show Harley Quinn and Sex Education to a fresh person they would simply say they are the same person.

Margot Robbie – Emma Mackey

4.Chelsea Handler – Elizabeth Banks

Are you Elizabeth Banks fan and always confused Chelsea Handler for Elizabeth, you are not alone. In fact, Handler welcomed Banks to her show last night joking, “My twin sister is here everybody.” The two blondes aren’t related but people seem to mix them up all the time.

Elizabeth Banks – Chelsea Handler

5.Jessica Chastain – Bryce Dallas Howard

Are you one of the people who thought that its Jessica Chastain in Jurrasic World, only she gained some weight, well lot of people did think that. Jessica and Bryce Dallas look so similar that people always confuse them for each other.

6.Mark Wahlberg – Matt Damon

Fun fact – the guys in “Ted”, “Ted 2” and “The Martian” are two different people, and no I am not lying.

Mark Wahlberg – Matt Damon

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