How To Pass Time | Try These Unique Ways To Pass Your Time

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Are you a kind of person who thinks that you have got too much of time but don’t know how to pass it. Try these “How to pass time” tricks that might help you engaged in your comfort so that you don’t feel frustrated about having nothing to do.

How to pass time when your a “TECHY”

  1. Internet. Dive free into the vastness of Internet, browse through games, YouTube, websites or keep reading our articles.
  2. Write some binary algorithm. Try to write simple algorithms for no reason, write some binary code or linked list.
  3. Watch a movie, I know you love movies because you are a techy, then browse for your favorite niche like Terminator, Fast and Furious or may be Marvel if you haven’t watched it yet. Watch them from start to end.
  4. Start a series. Starting a series and completing it another experience. Start a series now and watch it to the end.
  5. Design a website. Design web templates, some people might not know but when you love designing you don’t feel working, you won’t stressed out and it’s a great pass time.

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How to pass time when you are “SINGLE”

  1. Listen music. Listen to your favorite music
  2. Make a wish list and imagine upon it. Try imagine what is it the you like the most, then imagine what would you when achieve that.
  3. Make yourself a fine meal. Try to cook your favorite food, because when you are bored and single nothing can beat your favorite food.
  4. Watch your favorite show. You know you wanted to watch a show for a long time, then start it right now, or watch the highlight and clips of your favorite show.
  5. Exercise. Work out and do some yoga.

How to pass time when you are “TOO LAZY”

  1. Imagine you are the richest person in the world. Imagine how will you spend such amount of money.
  2. Imagine what would you do, If you were Prime Minister or President of your country. Too much power, what will be the first thing that you would do, upon becoming a Prime Minister or President.
  3. Imagine you are a super hero. I you were a super hero, which would you be, what would be your powers and how would you use them.
  4. Try to listen your heartbeat. Too lazy even t think anything, that try to listen to your heartbeat. It is totally possible for someone to listen their heartbeat provided they pay absolute attention and they are too lazy, hey good news your too lazy now just pay attention and try to listen.
  5. Count the number of rotations in your ceiling fan. Do you have a fan running on top of you head, why don’t to try to count the number of rotation taken by the fan.

How to pass time when your are “NERD”

  1. Write a book. You like to read books why don’t you try to write one.
  2. Try to find out why Human exist. Shed some light on universal questions on “why do human exist?”, What is the purpose of life?” or “What happens when we die?”.
  3. Learn Morse code. It is one of the coolest thing among “NERDS” that they know some kind of secret code language which they can use when the world is danger.
  4. Play a video game or any game. Try playing your favorite video game.
  5. Try to find probability of any event around you. See around you pick an event and try to analyze the probability of that event happing, keep adding “what if” after every discovery.

How to pass time when you are “PASSIONATE ABOUT SOMETHING”

  1. Write a blog. Tell other people about your passion.
  2. Think about the future and make plans. Make future plans and think about the next step that you can take to fulfil you passion.
  3. Research upon it. Research about the your ideas.
  4. Share you Ideas. Share your ideas with your friends and hear what they say about it.
  5. Do some Yoga. Work on your mental and physical health simultaneously.

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