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The national sensation and Tokyo Olympic star Neeraj Chopra is the most hot topic in country after his gold in individual category.

Neeraj Chopra is the only second individual to win a gold after Abhinav Bindra in any Olympic game.

Since the athlete has become a sensation nation wide, people are talking for all kinds about the him.

In addition to that there is a script circulating on internet which supposed be a biopic of Neeraj Chopra starring Akshay Kumar.

Although its a spoof, but it is amusing people nation wide and got great ‘hahas’ and ‘hehes’ from the netizens.

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Here is the Neeraj Chopra biopic.
Opening scene is a small village in Haryana, some guys are playing cricket, and the batsman hits a big six. The ball goes into a nearby field.
A little boy is working in the fields with his father. The boys who are playing say ' Oye Chhotu ball dena'
Little boy picks up ball and is about to throw, the cricket playing boys say,. don't throw, it will never reach us.
However, little kid throws the ball, not only does it reach it hits the middle stump and everyone is stunned.
Gajraj Rao who is an athletics coach was passing by and is stunned to see this.
He follows the kid around and sees the kid has an outstanding throwing arm and great aim (scenes of kid hitting mangoes on tree, throwing bricks to his father)
Gajraj is convinced that this kid is special and asks him to join his academy. The kid says he is too poor, doesn't have money for shoes etc, plus he has to work to help his father.
Gajraj talks to his father and convinces him that the kid needs to train. Father reluctantly agrees.
Kid turns up at the academy in shabby clothes wearing torn slippers, the rich kids make fun of him, however coach scolds them, they all shut up when they see him throw the javelin.
Now, years later, the kid is grown up and he is Akshay Kumar. He is national level javelin thrower, plus has a job in the Army. He wins every national competition.
One day he is outside his cantonment with some friends.
He spots some goons outraging the modesty of Kiara Advani.
Suddenly, the goons have javelins being hurled at them, they run away.
Girl is grateful, but before she can say thank you, Akshay leaves as he has practice.
Next day there is some major function at Cantonment, March past is happening. Akshay is marching and notices Kiara Advani sitting next to the Commanding Officer, he realises she is the daughter of the senior officer, eyes meet, song plays, love blossoms.
They fall in love, but Akshay tells her that his one focus is getting gold for India at the Olympics. She says she will support him and wait for him till he wins gold.
Akshay goes to various international events and wins everywhere. However, small war breaks out with Pakistan. Akshay says he will go to battle. Authorities say no need as he is a medal prospect, however Akshay says nothing is more important than defending the country. All salute him.
At border war is on, in one scene he is surrounded by Pakistani army men, his bullets have run out, then he somehow finds a long tree branch and uses that as javelin to kill his attackers.
However in all this he gets badly injured.
He is in hospital and doctors say he will never be able to throw javelin again.
However Akshay is determined. Kiara Advani is equally determined. Healing process and prayers start.
Miracle. Akshay is fit and qualifies for Olympics. 
His main competition is from a massive evil German guy and an African guy ( this guy is barbaric, he has honed his skills by throwing spears at lions)
German guy mocks Akshay and says you Indians are weak, can't beat me. 
But Akshay tops the qualifiers. The German guy is concerned and night before and gets a few members of the German contingent to attack Akshay in games village. These include members of German judo and karate team.
Akshay fights them all and shows off his martial arts skills.
As Akshay has almost won the fight, the victorious Indian hockey team guys emerge and chase away the Germans with hockey sticks.
Akshay is bruised and the Punjabi boys in the hockey team call him Paaji and crack needless jokes.
Seems all is well,.but Akshay is informed his father's farm has caught fire. He is broken.
Day of the final arrives. Everyone is throwing well. Akshay messes up 1st couple of throws as the burning farm plays on his mind.
However his coach tells him, farm will come back, he almost died in battle, this is nothing, this is what your country needs.
Back in village everyone is praying.
Akshay is 4th before final throw. As he runs up all members of Indian contingent stand up and shout Bharat Mata Ki......
Akshay aces the throw, turns around and says Jai.
Everyone celebrates in stadium. German walks up to him and says he is sorry, Akshay is the real champion.
India erupts in joy. 
Hockey boys are doing Bhangra in stadium.
Medals given. National Anthem plays. All rise
The end
End credits Play with Akshay Kumar and Kiara Advani dancing to Badshah's remix of Sona Kitna sona hai, Tu mera Hero Number 1

-posted by Maurya Mondal on facebook on August 9, 2021.

For those who think its a long story he then uploaded a video explaining the script in hilarious way.