Drone Attack In India’s Jammu Kashmir, Issue Raised In United Nation By India

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The recent drone attack in attack on the Indian Air Force (IAF) station at airport, India raise the concern in the UN General Assembly there is a very much possibility of the use of drones for terror activities.

India in United Assembly this Tuesday…

Today, misuse of information and communication technology such as internet and social media for terrorist propaganda, radicalisation and recruitment of cadre; misuse of new payment methods and crowdfunding platforms for financing of terrorism; and misuse of emerging technologies for terrorist purposes have emerged as the most serious threats of terrorism and will decide the counter-terrorism paradigm going forward,

Being a low-cost option and easily available, utilisation of these aerial/sub-surface platforms for sinister purposes by terrorist groups such as intelligence collection, weapon/explosives delivery and targeted attacks have become an imminent danger and challenge for security agencies worldwide

The possibility of the use of weaponised drones for terrorist purposes against strategic and commercial assets calls for serious attention by the member states. We have witnessed terrorists using UAS to smuggle weapons across borders

V S K Kaumudi, Special Secretary (Internal Security), Ministry of Home Affairs, India
UN General Assembly, June 29, 2021

V S K Kaumudi without taking the name of Pakistan pointed out that, the transborder nature of this threat calls for collective and unified action by the international community, without any excuse or exceptions, ensuring that those countries which provide safe havens to terrorists should be called out and held accountable.

India is looking to strengthen it defense against sub surface flying objects. The first use of such defense was observed in the republic day parade on 26 January this year. India currently not having the capability of securing the larger area is looking for buying such technology from out side preferably from Isreal or USA