There is video on YouTube of a Boy called Indrajeet Saket, who is student of Sanskrit and music, uploaded by a channel named “The Bihar Mail “. The boy is a student of Sanskrit and music, is also visually impaired who belongs to village from Madhya Pradesh. Indrajeet sings a version a version of “Dheere Dheere” by Honey Singh (a prominent Bollywood music composer and … Continue reading This Song By This Boy In Sanskrit Is True Delight To Ears | Sanskrit Version Of A Hindi Song

Everyone has drank something with a straw at least once in our lives. In modern life all the fancy restaurant and eatery serve their drinks with straws. Drinking with straws can be seen in road side vendors like ‘Nariyal Pani Wala’ and ‘Nimbu Pani Wala’. But what if some tells you that you have to drink something with a 6oo feet long straw. There is … Continue reading This Boy Tried To Drink Coke Using 600 Feet Long Straw | Gone Viral

A typical Indian wedding is always full of drama and embarrassing happenings. Continuous husspuss , countless guest, loud music and tantrum of relatives on every little thing makes a wedding a typical Indian wedding. A video of an Indian wedding is circulating on Facebook, which has gone viral and watched by millions. In this video a bride can be seen sitting with his groom on … Continue reading Baabhi Bura Maan Gayi | Bride Gets Offended By The Gift And Throws Away | Viral Video

A video of three girls having Cat fight in the middle of the street was posted on Instagram on June 26 and the video is going viral over the internet. Three young girls can be seen in the video having fight over something and kicking each other and pulling hair. The video was published with the background sound of Indian epic MAHABHARAT title theme. Till … Continue reading Street Fighter Girls Having “Cat Fight” In The Middle Of Street | Video Goes Viral