Baabhi Bura Maan Gayi | Bride Gets Offended By The Gift And Throws Away | Viral Video

A typical Indian wedding is always full of drama and embarrassing happenings. Continuous husspuss , countless guest, loud music and tantrum of relatives on every little thing makes a wedding a typical Indian wedding.

A video of an Indian wedding is circulating on Facebook, which has gone viral and watched by millions.

In this video a bride can be seen sitting with his groom on sitting stage of a typical India wedding.

Guests are clicking photos and giving gifts to the newly wed couple. One the groom’s friend gave an embarrassing gift to the bride and the bride got angry. Someone got this on video and video is going viral.

In video, after receiving gift from one of groom’s friend the bride immediately open the gift and after seeing the what’s inside she instantly throws it away.

The gift actually was a baby feeding bottle and after seeing the baby feeding bottle, the bride gone expressionless and did not react to anything.

The video was shared on Facebook, with a title “Babhi Ke Sath Masti”. So far more than 3 lakh people have liked the video and more than 1500 have shared it.


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