Amir Khan Got Trend On Twitter – But For All The Bad Reasons This Time.

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There is a new trend fight going on twitter between the SRK fans and Aamir Khan fans on Twitter.

For last two days trends like “R*PIST BH*DHW* AAMIR”, “REST IN PEACE AAMIR” and “AIDS PATIENT SRK” can be seen on micro-blogging site

In last few days “Dangal” Actor Aamir Khan announced that he is going to divorce his current wife Kiran Rao and the decision is mutual and both are happy about it.

The news came up in the backdrop of Aamir’s alleged girlfriend Fatima Sana Sekh, that they were already dating even though Aamir Khan is still married to Kiran.

A feud started between the SRK fans and Aamir fans about this, and people are writing all kind of things.

  1. If your wife doesn’t respect your girlfriend then give divorce her

2. Sab Kuch Try Karo Phir Sahi Chuno

3. Camparing SRK and Aamir

4. If Defeated by SRK in clash, Chasing SRK’s Biggest Hit, Losing Award against SRK and Getting new life by SRK’s rejected movies, had a face then it would look like Chaamir Khan

5. Comparing with P**nstar

The same feud is going on for two days over Twitter, and tweets are pouring from both sides.