A Quick Reaction Of A Mother To Save Her Child From A Terrifying Kidnapping Attempt

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A mother saved her child from a terrifying kidnapping attempt in New York on Jul 15 can be seen in a video posted on twitter by NYPD Crime Stoppers.

A video was posted on twitter on Jul 16, where a botched kidnapping took place, where two 2 perps tried to pick up a child and place victim in the back of the car and tried to ran away.

This kidnapping attempt was made on Thurs, Jul15 at 8pm in Hillside Av, Queens.

In video two men can be seen, where one man with dark skin complexion of around 24 years of age and other man with white complexion of around 50-60 years of age, came in a car.

Old man stayed in the car and the other man tried to snatch the child from the side jog who was walking with his family.

He put the 5 year old boy in the rear seat and rushed to the drivers seat, the 45 year old mother and her 2 daughters scream and rushed for the boy.

Mother and her daughters managed to pull the boy through the window glass save the kid from being kidnapped.

According to police the boy was not injured.

After releasing the video police announced the reward of $3,500 for TIP on perps. 1 of two kidnapper was arrested by the police the next day, named McGonagle 24.