A 16-Year-Old Girl, Reported Missing Rescued Using Hand Signals

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A 16-Year-Old Girl, rescued using hand signals, The girl was reported missing from Asheville in the USA, the girl was saved on Thursday. She used the popular had signal which she learnt on TikTok, which is a signal indicating that she was at risk of abuse and needs help.

The girl was transported through Kentucky, sitting in a passenger seat of the car, she waved the hand signal through the window to the passing cars. One such passenger from the passing cars recognized the distress signal of tucking the thumb into the palm before closing the fingers over it and alerted the police.

The signal was created by the Canadian Women’s foundation and was popularized through the popular social media app TikTok.

After the police pulled over the car to investigate and learned that the the girl is is the same girl which was reported missing by parents two days ago.

The American police arrested the driver, James Herbert Brick, 61 and charged him with unlawful imprisonment.

The police stated that the accused had pornographic images of a child on his phone, and also faces charges of child pornography.

Gilbert Acciardo, public affairs officer for the Laurel County Sheriff’s office said that the girl and the accused were “acquaintances”, however, they are not related. She told investigators that she had travelled with James Herbert Brick through North Carolina, Tennessee, Kentucky and Ohio where the accused had a family.

He reportedly left the family after they learned that the girl was a minor and that she had been reported missing by her family.

source – https://www.siasat.com/

Signal For Help official – https://canadianwomen.org/signal-for-help/

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