16 Times When People Knew How To Wear A Tattoo

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Tattoo is an idea which fascinates some humans for “why tattoo” and to some human for “why not”. Avoiding the people who are constantly haunted by the “why tattoo” for some time, we bring you the 16 times when people knew how to wear a tattoo on their bodies.

Today having a tattoo has become a style statement. Every human at some point wishes to have at least some piece of this art, but even this much piece of art requires strength, thoughts and lots of commitment. Having a tattoo is like having a marriage, it easy to get married but becomes messy when try to avoid it, or in other words you become uninterested in each other.

Though there are ways are get your tattoo removed like there is divorce in marriage, but it has a lot of impact on your body and mind. So having a tattoo requires a lot metal commitment.

Here are the 16 people who knew how to wear a tattoo on their bodies.

1. Powered by Google, a tech savvy guy with “powered by Google” tattoo on his forearm.

Pintrest by Digital Trends

2. When you need to see, what is happening behind your back also. A guy having an eye tattoo at the back of his head literally.

Pretty extreme head tattoo, Pinterest

3. Elephant with long crooked legs, covering entire half of the back of a girl. Proving that some people can look beautiful even with creepy things.

Pinterest by flavorwire.com

4. A cat and the belly button. I wonder what inspire it. A cat lover with a cat tattoo showing the belly button as b*tt for the cat.

Pinterest by OfficialAwesomeJelly

5. A scare turned into metaphor. A circular saw blade cutting through the leg, proving to be a perfect tattoo for a long cut mark.

Scar Pinterest by Kueez

6. When you are not less of humor. A girl with an onion tattoo in her arm-pit. Either she is being very funny or they both smell the same, LOL.

Hilariously Bad Tattoos, Pinterest by Bored Panda

7. When your are too much into ‘connect the dots’ game. This girls comes with a puzzle on her leg. I wonder what she does when she is bored and has some time to kill.

Reddit Pics • r_pics

8. When you know there is a lawn mower on your head, but you can’t see it. So you draw your own just to remind yourself that why are you losing your hairs on your head.

Pinterest by shareablynet

9. Dual sex nipple tattoo. This is commitment that we talked about earlier.


10. No need X-ray any more. A 3D tattoo depicting broken interior of human body.

11. When you are aware what you don’t have but deny to accept it. A man getting his finger tips back after losing them on two fingers.


12. When you got some scary scars but also have a life to live. A woman turning scar on her abdomen into a nice tattoo.

scar en-visualchase.com

13. You know you lose your pen a lot, but this isn’t going anywhere. Also you can’t use it write but who care when you got such a tattoo.

A random pen-behind-the-ear tattoo Pinterest by Maria Quattro

14. A weird elbow scar turned into amazing flower tattoo.

I’ve always wanted a tree tattoo_ by Jessica Dodd

15. This is intense. A black shade tattoo covering full back it not lesser than any sci-fi magical film.

Hình Xăm Cho Nữ

16. Eye with tears filled in it, crying with colors. A realistic 3D eye tattoo with multicolor ink and water.

Rainbow tattoo, Pinterest by Debra Page

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