10 Habits That Make You Age Faster

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Ever wonder why people age differently, why some people look more alive even when they cross their 50s. No its not because they have superior gene or that they are super rich.

Humans don’t want to get age, yeah that’s true for literally everyone, I don’t remembering anyone saying that I want to look like an old folk.

How can you avoid aging so fast. So if I say that if you change some of your daily habits your can actually avoid aging faster.

People have proven this time to time that they followed some of the lifestyle habits differently that they achieved great results, So what are those.

10 Habits that make you age faster and you should avoid.

  1. Ignoring your vitals. This may seem absurd but it is one of the most important factor that make you skin dull rapidly. There are people who ignore their health problems like allergies, skin infection, vitamin deficiencies and loss of appetite. If your body is compensating to keep you going in absence of you then you may lose your skin glow. The long terms illness of any kind damage the skin tissue in long run. So in order to properly take care of your skin first you have to make sure that your body is heathy and fit.
  2. The Sun is killing your skin. Sun has UV rays than damage your skin cell as soon as it falls on your skin surface. We all know if you damage on thing without giving it the time to recover it may permanently get damaged. before going in the sun you should use sunscreen. A sunscreen with SPF-30 and higher is advisable.
  3. Listen to your skin and stop using too much product. Don’t use to much of beauty product, especially if something hurts your skin.
  4. Clean your skin gently. Clean your skin daily, remove the dust from your skin daily but don’t go crazy on cleaning your face.
  5. Eat a balanced diet. A diet is vital for your overall health. Eating fruits and green vegetables can prevent premature aging.
  6. Stop consuming too much sugar. You might not know but sugar can make you age faster. This is why it’s advisable to consume it in moderation for optimum health. In 2013, a group of researchers looked at 602 photographs of people with different blood sugar levels and attempted to guess their ages. Across the board, they found that the people with higher sugar levels consistently looked older.
  7. Sleep properly. Sleep is very important to the mind and body. Several studies emphasize just how important sleep is to keep our bodies strong. A research shows for the first time, that poor sleep quality can accelerate signs of skin aging and weaken the skin’s ability to repair itself at night.
  8. Avoid too much of electronic devices. Yes your heard it right, the blue light emitted by our electronic device penetrates deeper into the layers of the skin than the sun’s UV rays. Just a 60-minute exposure is enough to trigger skin-related problems.
  9. Take good care of your eyes. If your eyes are heavy, heated all the time or yellowish then it possible that you may damage the skin around your eyes. These people are most likely to get the worst case of wrinkles. You should immediately seek for the solution for this because it may also hurt your eyes in long terms.
  10. Do not sleep on the side, as your may get sleep wrinkles. Sleep wrinkles are formed in response to the distortion created when the face is pressed against any sleep surface. These wrinkles tend to worsen over time due to repetition increasing the speed of aging.

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